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Title: 2024/2/26 5:59:48
Title: 2023/9/1 12:49:53
Hi, My name is Ricky Lavender, I am having my party in October and I want it to be held at your venue on the 9th of October with 30 guests invited. I'm flexible with the date. Before we proceed with our request, please answer the following questions below; 1. Do you accept credit cards as a mode of payment? 2. Can you work with my official band team consisting of 4 group of people for the event regarding their payment and all necessary preparations for the event to be a memorable one? Await your quick response. Regards, Ricky Lavender.
Title: 2023/7/3 8:43:59
I placed an order and did not get an email confirmation & my coworker did. Did you receive it?
Title: 2023/4/12 15:43:01
This was my favorite before it changed owners. Gave it 3 chances! Will never try again
Title: 2020/9/13 17:13:54
Where is our food 27800 Canal Rd Unit 109 Orange Beach AL 36561 The moorings
Title: 2020/4/21 8:03:09
when will you reopen
Title: 2019/5/30 6:34:41
Delivery last night. Awful food. Very disappointed
Title: 2019/2/16 18:00:04
Will not refurn. Ordered pork with scallions. Plenty of scallions. Lots of noodles. Looks like they forgot the pork. Beef in garlic sauce had plenty of “ beef”. No flavor. Same for fried dumplings. Fried rice looked like they forgot to fry it. Lousy food. Suggest you avoid this place. I know I will.
Title: 2018/9/30 17:35:12
Extra red sauce please
Title: 2018/9/20 6:21:05
China King is very convenient around this area - near to my house. Wonderful and hot food!
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